My Daddy Cecil “Shorty” Dalton

My dad who I always called Daddy up to the day he died on July 16, 2021 was a wonderful man, a fabulous father and a hardworking husband. He did have his downside, he liked to drink beer and whiskey. Sometimes together. This aspect of him was not something I wanted to grow up with, but we as children can not pick our parents. Don’t get me wrong, I do not have a problem with drinking, but drinking to excess is not a good thing to do.

As with many who grew up in the South Eastern part of Kentucky as my daddy did, were not all well off people. My father was raised by his grandparents “Pappie” Thomas Taylor and his “Mamie” Martha Jane Vaughn Taylor. They were already in their 60’s when my daddy wanted to live with them at the early childhod age.His mother Elsie Carie Taylor had my daddy out of wedlock. His biological father went by the shortened version of his middle name Frank. Frank was born in 1907 to David Marion “Mack” Dalton and spouse Minnie Saunders Dalton. They had a vast family and Frank was amongst one of the mid to later children per the records I have been able to obtain and verify. As with many family in the later 1800’s Franks siblings were all born through 1907 as Frank was born. There may have been some children that died and no record has been found as of today’s writings. This is still a work in progress. Elsie Carie Taylor was born in 1898. So there was a difference in age as you can see.

As I said in the beginning of my WordPress page my getting into Genealogy was to find my daddy’s biological father. When I first started researching on Ancestry back before 2000 I would stay up day and night using Ancestry’s 14 day free trial periods. During this time I printed off all Frank Dalton information I could find online. Now mind you, when Ancestry first began, the records were no where near the quantity they have now. So locating records, playing with the spelling of not just his primary name but also using the variations for Dalton was what I was focused on way back in the day. Needless to say my printer I used at that time worked it’sself to death literally. When I would run out of your stand copier paper I turned to card stock 20 lb weight. Card stock in all sorts of colors as I had purchased it all on sale. **yes I am a bulk buyer and a budget type of person** !

So working for 13 and a half days almost straight through to locate and print off anything and everything as a “just incase” thing I had stacks and boxes, notebooks of records, Census records, Military records. I also included in my search my momma’s family the Montgomery’s. Yes, Montgomery’s are a plenty to say the least. Taylors and Montgomery’s are the main names I have on my Ancesry tree name as well as this sites name. And the Montgomery name is just like Smith, way too many and many re-using the same name in each family and with every child.

By the time I went through my first 14 day trial I had not just notebooks, but printed off material that filled up 2 boxes-file boxes–like the ones you use in offices when packing away files. My poor Cannon printer back then worked it’s self almost to destruction and ink, heavns I went through many ink cartridges. I shutter to think how much money I spent on printer ink back then. Many of the cartridges I purchased locally so they ran for each inividual cartridge when not on sale roughly 20.00 each and I had 4 colors in all !

Getting back to my daddy. He was a master carpenter and a self taught welder. The vast majority of buildings and bridges from back in the 50’s here in Louisville up to Florence Ky, my father was on the crew which built them. In Florence Ky he built the bridge up there that connected Ky to the far Indiana area/Ohio regions. I remember going up there with momma driving to pick him up and wathcing him stand on the ball of a crane and ridding it over and it touching down in front of the car and there was my daddy standing on the ball. As a child this was every little girls dream seeing her daddy do something that was dangerous. Back then my daddy did not consider it to be dangerous as many of them men would ride the wrecking ball aroud the job site.

I was blessed to receive my momma’s picture box in 2019. All four of us girls looked through it and picked out what we wanted and then Momma gave me the rest in the box as I became the “Picture Keeper” in our family. This was primarily due to my research. I have a multitude of pictures to scan onto my computer and place on my family tree and also onto facebook for my sister’s, neices and nephews and even the greats neices and nephews to print off or save a copy for theirselves. This is one of the things I will share as part of my Legacy to my family. My research on Ancestry will continue untill I can no longer sit at a desktop computer or if my hands can no longer type due to myself having all forms of Arthritis except for Rhumetoriod so far.

Well this is enough for today my fingers are getting tired and I still have other computer things to do !

Remember to live each day to the fullest as if it was the last day of your life !

Cecil “Shorty” Dalton about 1947 Florida

Traversing Various Websites

Well, for all of you who has started to follow me, I want to tell you of the hiccups I have run into this evening. I was looking over my Pay Pal account. As many of you who use Pal Pal for whatever shopping site you may buy from you may have noticed the new and improved aspect of Pay Pal. They actually took something that was very simple to use and changed their format which was suppose to make THINGS SIMPLER. In all honesty, they made their format a tad bit complex for the average person to use.

Their “new” look is somewhat simplistic to look at, but to maneuver around can become confusing to many people no mater what their intelligence level is.

Since I myself tend to “MAKE WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER” or some of you may refer to it as KISS=keep it simple stupid====they have now made it to where your everyday person has to jump thru more hoops when trying to communicate via their messenger system or even over the telephone.

Pay Pal is structured as a “pay by account” for many and also as a “pay forward account” for those who wants to break that payment down into 4 payments or by extending that payment out for 6 months. They also have it as a Credit Card Account.I myself have all 3 and their New Improvements have taken 2 aspects and rolled it into one.

It was that way, but their new improved changes did not incorporate a way to go into those pay it forward payments to where you can simply be on your account and click on them to make payment or pay it off early for older transactions that you had done prior to this NEW IMPROVED change they recently implemented.

In order for me to do certain things on PayPal/Synchrony Bank, I received an automated email advising me my monthly payment had been changed back to the “STANDARD” payment which causes you to incur additional finance fees. So I called the number on the bottom of the email and the telephone prompts have also been changed to take the Simplistic aspect away as well. The prompts you have to push just makes you run around their automated system which as every knows is all so aggravating and frustrating for anyone no matter what their individual intelligence level is.

Yes, many of you are laughing and thinking to yourselves, Peggy is an idiot ! Well, Peggy is not an idiot but a realistic and a simple person who does not like to work hard, but work smart. The people who does these sort of changes for the Corporate and Investors, like to make everyday people who no longer work or someone who does not understand the inner workings of Finance to basically want to throw their telephone out the back door. YES, I can be one of those types of people if I wanted to! But I have good common sense to realize how they work. Afterall,I worked in pretty much all forms of Finance as well as various sorts of Collections/Billing over my entire adult life from age 21 up till 2006 when my brain could no longer handle all the stressors that my mind encountered from the age 14.

One thing from my mom, she always said that her doctor told her to do, when she finds her mind becoming blocked up or over- stressed for whatever reason, she needed to think as if her “Tea Cup” had reached the top and she needed to partially empty it out. Make perfect since for someone who has a great deal of Common Sense ! My mother Julia Elizabeth will be turning 92 on 25 June 2021. By doing her Genealogy she is the only person within her lineage that has lived this long in the past 200 plus years.A Little bit of Genealogy I inputted !

I was on the telephone not only with PayPal but also with Synchrony Bank that handles the Credit card aspect.Needless to say the PayPal customer service rep., did not want to put on her calendar to do a follow up on the 14th to assist in the disputes and changes that had taken place to make sure these aspects would show resolved on the 14th. Instead she opted to hang up on me. I wasn’t raising my voice or even sounding in my Finance tone, demanding. YET she hung up on me. Go ahead an laugh, I would be if it were you writing this !

Same instance or similar instance with PNC bank this afternoon over 3 charges that showed up while I was online checking our bank account. They too do not allow their Customer service reps. to have the capabilities to enter the changes that needs to be completed with the customer on the telephone.After explaining to the Customer service rep that these 3 charges are ones that were CANCELED with the companies 3-5 months ago, I wanted to prevent said charges from coming out after midnight tonight. PNC bank when they bought out Liberty National Bank and or Citizens Fidelity Bank here in Louisville Ky back in 1992 recently changed their regulations for all Grandfathered account holders such as I am, to now disregard our grandfathered accounts and specialties associated with our accounts.

Yes, you read that correctly. IF you know banking and the Finance industry as I do then you will have no problem understanding what I am typing here.

Common Sense that has been thrown by the wayside not just Corporations and their Investors but also individual mangers or sub owners of various paid entities that are part of Franchises.

IF you look back over the past decade-10-15 year time span and have followed like I have all the various changes that have taken place for basically all Corporations you will see how they have been babied in the past Presidential administrations.

For us normal people who make or our spouse’s/significant other’s live paycheck to paycheck, you will remember that 27% when it comes to TAXES. Yes, we fell into that category and when it comes time to file taxes each year for that year, we no longer could take credit for charities we contribute to all the way across the board to Union dues and prescriptions and doctor’s visits we pay a co-pay for out of pocket.

Now that we are under a NEW ADMINISTRATION, this aspect has not been changed back for us as of yet. Also during the last administration the Postal Service had to raise the cost of the postage stamp from 35 cents to now I am told is near or at 55 cents to mail a letter in the mail. This is not due to standard Cost of living, this is due to both Bush Administrations taking monies out of the Retirement coffers that the post office workers paid into and not paying it back into it along with the interest that was lost as well. If you look back to the Regan administration, monies was taken 2 times from Social Security and never paid back along with the interest it would have incurred had been left in place.remeber that nice $600.00 check you received during the last Bush Administration? This is why over the past 20 years Social Security according to all the idiots in Washington DC in both houses of the Senate are claiming Social Security will run out by 2037. As a laymen and not in Politics, doesn’t it sound awfully bad for us? We the People? Look at it, all the millions not just in the initial overage they took out but also the interest that was at 13-15 percent down to current day interest by the LIBOR banking rates that are used.If you do not know what LIBOR is, look it up on the computer and what it stands for and how it operates. IT would take me to long to find a more simplistic way to explain it. Not that it is complicated, atleast not for me, but for those of you who does not know what this is and what it does.

I say that due to the only way someone can learn is to look it up. I grew up being told to look up something in the Encyclopedia and for words the dictionary and the Thesaurus. Yes, I am that old a great nearly 63 years old.

With our current day technology we have all the information at the tips of our finger tips or in the palms of our hands. Why not make use of it and teach yourself all those things you wondered about and was never taught in school for when we attended school. After all our technology was a colored television set and a calculator……..For some of you that are a tad bit older then I am, you may not have had a television and only had a radio to learn by. My family did not have a television set until I myself was 5 years old when we had our first black and white television. At that time we had 3 channels here in Louisviile,Kentucky and then several years later we obtain our 4th and 5th channels one of those was the PBS channel. Many of you that I have grown to know over the past 21 years on the internet and who are extended family of 3rd + cousins whom I have never met in person except for one 3rd cousin Lehman who himself is in his late 80’s to early 90’s.

Well, I have typed enough and my hands are telling me to get off the computer and my Hip is also telling me to go sit in my comfy chair

2021 Coming to a Close Finally

Hello to all who still follows me. This year has been a rather herendous one for many of us. Some of us have had untimely deaths, car accidents, sugeries and a multitude of other things that may have been worse or less consequential. No matter what has happened this year thus far we have overcome and in many ways already began the process of healing from our loss or the pain.

I myself started this little endeavor of a blog for sharing all my family research which I began back in 1995 and no, I have not even began the simple process of pulling all this vast and wonderful information to share with those who I am friends with and those who have began to follow me. For this I greatly apologize.

I noticed my other page of Trials and Tibulations is no longer connected, yet I am not worried about it. I will endeavor in 2022 to either restart that aspect or just go under this one as this was the first Title for my blogs to begin with.

So far this year I personally have not lost any close friends, but for me I really do not have any close friends. I am a loner pretty much and can not seem to run in a crowd of people. My only people are my immediate family and they are thining out in ways that I do not look forward to over the next 3-9 months.

While on Facebook I receive the updates from many of the wonderful sites I am a member of, of all the people who have passed away this year of 2021. Too many passed away from Covid 19 along with the other complications associated with it due to their overall health. It is one thing to have a co-morbidity or some sort of ailment that is either age related or one you developed over yourlife time but when that in it’sself is combined with Covid 19 or the Delta Variant then it is a death sentance for far too many.

Yes, this is my opinion and I know I will receive flack from many who are Anti-Vaccers, but when they get this posting, they can just delete it or scroll on by and not leave a comment. IF I am lucky that will happen ! Maybe I will get lucky this time around and not get all the negative feedback I receive ! Who knows and who cares ! Life is a biotch’ and some people can not handle the truth !

Thanksgiving Day just passed and for me it was a wonderful and a very Happy one. My dear husband Tim woke up at 2;30 am and decided to go ahead and get the Turkey prepared. He likes to inject the Turkey with all sorts of good tasting things which also makes our turkey extremely moist and it falls off the bone and does not dry out at all. Tim began back in 1992 or 1993 to do Thanksgiving day just with us 4, Him, my daughter Stephanie our Foster Daughter Tonya and me plus however many dogs and cats we had at the time. One year we even had a pet hampster who belong to our Foster daughter Tonya. So the Hamspter even got a turkey dinner !

Us having Thanksgiving day all to ourselves helped to keep our small family of 3 or 4 when we had Tonya with us as a special family day just to us. Music would be playing, myself would start getting my Christmas decor started and I would make the bread dressing and either myself or one of the girls would do the mashed potatos. And most every year we would foget to make the turkey gravy and yes we bought the jar gravy !

This year I decided I wanted to have Thanksgiving dinner for all of my family and we invited Tim’s father and brother and one sister, his daughter Rachel her husband Zain and their two -4 children but unfortunately they all could not attend. I invited all of my family, cousins, my one living Aunt her daughter her her Fiance’ and my daughter’s Father in law. While not all could make it, I was priviledged to have my 92 yer old momma, my 2nd sister, my younger sister and her husband, their daughter and her 2 beautiful children and yes my daughter, her husband and their two wonderful boys and yes of course our two dogs Riley and Rosie. The kids got their food and went to the basement and kept the dogs at bay and they all sounded as if they were having a blast !

I pulled out of the garage my 1950’s style formica and chrome table which had been out there since 2006 or 2007 and had a great deal of cleaning to do on it. Luckily the chrome around the edge of the table is still in perfect condition but the chrome legs well let’s just say I scrubbed them down and some of the chrome came off. But no biggie, Tim put it all together for me on Tuesday night and carried it in the house. I have one old chrome chair from that time span which I obtained when my momma sold her home and this chair is the same type that came with this table back in the 1950’s. Aside from a black stain on the seat it still cleaned up perfectly. Now all I need to do is find 3 more chairs to have a 4 chair set ! And no I am not paying for the new ons either tht are priced at minimum 59.00 per chair ! Yard sales, junk stoos here I come ! But yes I did have 4 other chairs that goes to my daughters table set to use

My 2nd sister whom I have told you all over the past couple of years had a very bad fall a couple of years ago and her brain suffered some damage. She has this year also gone downhill in her health and needs to walk with a walker now. She is the most awesomeness sister a person can have. Since she is 6 years and right at 3 months older then me, she was the one who taught me how to do a geat deal of things thruout my entire life. She took care of me when I had to have my wisdom teeth cut out when I was 19 years of age. She helped me to find my first car a 1965 Buick Skylark burgandy in color and all the chrome trim around the windows had been removed. I paid a whole 100.00 for that car in 1978 and paid 65.00 for a whole muffler and exhaust system to be put on. And She was the one who found the car and the person to put the muffler and exhaust system on it for me. I made sure she was comfortable seated. Tim bought me a new desk chair with a high back and leather so he brought it upstairs raised it up for her height so she would not have any trouble being able to stand or sit when she needed to.

Tomorrow I plan on beginning to pull out my Christmas tree, the outdoors decorations that have not been up since 2007 and I am going to make sure each room in my house and the entire basement is all decorated this year. This afterall is the first year in 14 years that I feel mentally and physically healthy ! My body may be 63 years of age but my brain is back like it was when I was in my 20’s. A new hip really helped in the health department so there is no telling what i would be like with the other hip replaced and my left shoulder repaired and the arthritis removed and the joint replaced !

I hope each of you whom have read this has enjoyed what I have written and I hope for each and everyone of you to have a most blessed Holiday Season and please remember all of those who are no longer with us. Remember to include them this year and for you who are researchers or genealogists make sure you have a tape recorder handy so when all the stories are told you have it in that person’s voice becuase once they are gone you will have their voice to listen back upon in the years to come and to share with out younger ones who will forget them.

Journaling or Diary ? That is the Question..

Hello to all who comes across this and likes to have a good laugh or maybe even find something of interest to sit back and ponder upon.

While my initial intentions of becoming a “blogger” on WordPress was for genealogical aspects and releasing or sharing what all I have discovered, it hasn’t really happened yet !

Yes I will get life together and then the information on here like those I follow when it comes to Ancestry research and Genetics. But not just yet. I want what I post for those aspects to really reflect a certain twist then those that I follow.

Since some view me as a somewhat “twisted individual”, I can only say that I do have the answers that I worked so hard to find to know why I am that way.

These past 2 weeks have pretty much been anything but fun for me. I am someone who when placed in charge of something I take hold of it and shake it like a dog with a bone till it is completed. Thus the past two weeks have shown to me while I can with no problem take on multiple tasks it is who you are doing these tasks for and what companies are involved which can throw a wrench in your well oiled plan !

Yes, I know, you are thinking to yourself, you can handle probably 5-10 things at one time or some of you are the type to take on only 3-5 things at a time. My personality does not really allow me to only do several things. My brain decides it wants to have at minimum 35 things going on all at one time. Darting like fireflies in your brain and hitting the sides of it then bouncing off skirting around the edges and all of a sudden fly right back thru the center colliding with others that are also processing !

If you equate it to a computer, your having a basic meltdown in your system and you really need some rebooting after backing it up and cleaning out all the crap in those temp files and then defragging your brain to make sure all your files are in order and your programs that helps you to function is all working and is in linear form for you to pick the next thing to do ! Yes, that is how I have been feeling up until yesterday at 4:30 pm when I finally sat down in my easy chair and decided to relax. Well my body did not my brain !

For those of you who may no longer work for anyone do you remember those days when you did work tirelessly those 40-50 hour or more weeks and you just needed that boss to say to you , okay no work this weekend ? Yep, you know what I am talking about.

When you are doing something for someone else even though somethings are on a timed scheduale due to appointments that need to be met with doctors and then having to make sure that person’s insurance coverage for these healthcare workers are covered all while trying to do this on the telephone due to their websites have glitches in them or continously redirects you to another area for additional information, you can really just throw in the towel.

Case and point, these past 2 weeks I have maintained a dailey regiment on the telephone with numourous companies for aspects of my own personal health insurance, car insurance and homeowners insurance and playing phone tag with my sisters insurance company her physicans and driving back and forth round trip almost 30 miles to pick up forms that have been signed and getting forms completed after printing them off from all providers, it is a task that sometimes I really wish I did not have the knowledge base to come even close to handling ! And also doing this, trying to make sure that she is set up at her home for wen she arrives back after being in the hosptial and rehab from surgery for nearly a month again !

While I am proud my knowedge base is very braod when it comes to all areas since I have worked in all areas over my adult life, sometimes you just have to sit back and wrangle from your brain how you onced took care of all these things at one time without any form of problem or hiccup what-so-ever. And not just these forms of tasks but also handling your everyday aspects of life’s little hiccups if a kid is sick and you have to stay at home and even work at home when home computers were not even in the limelight ! Yes doing everything over the telephone days.

If you are like me even a tad bit you get frustrated with today’s technology which was supposed to be designed to accommedate and streamline all these aspects. Well that is really not an option when you call someone and have to constantly hit prompts or repeat yourself because the computer generated algorithms does not pick up on your language pattern especially if you have a twang to your voice. Yes you are laughing because I know many of you also have encountered this as well ! Don’t fall off your chair as I know some off you will be or are laughing so hard and saying, I know what that is like all too well.

While talking with my car and homewoners insurance company USAA which I just switched over to them in August, they still have everything totally messed up. Customer service representatives can not override anything and then try to tell you that a supervisor or even a department manager can not override to get onto your account since your computer is having a meltdown and you don’t have a cell phone for them to text you a frigging code to give them via the telephone due to their system will not allow you to complete one small aspect since they designed their system to make you have not just one log in but 2 login’s when you and your spouse’s coverage is with them.

Then after allowing the customer service representative 15 minutes to read over all the notes of former conversations from August 15, 2021 to present September 15 2021 while you are placed on hold to hear a music that is worse then the old elevator music and for them to tell you after they placed you on hold to read it all, that they are not able to really answer your questions, but they will take it up to the next level of representative who can, but it may take 24 to 48 hours for that person to call you back. Come on I know you want to slap your hand on the desk or chair and either say , well Peggy this is how things roll these days, or maybe you are thinking the same thing I am !

It is rather unpresentented these days that any form of person who works in areas of these actually know what to do or they have not taken enough pride in what they do to go out on a limb and learn more aspects so they as Customer Service Representatives , the first line of contact to all companies, they should have the answers to the standard questions all persons who signed up for their services should know when you call in. But people apparently no longer have that form of work ethic or take pride in asking for additional training or take it upon theirselves to research these things so their job would glide so much easier when they are on the telephone with a customer or client or what ever verbage and termonolgy they have chaged it to these days.

Well, it is 9 am and I am still awaiting return calls from several places from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and only pray tell who all will faulter in their jobs today if or when they decide to call back ! So todays post is more in line of a Journal thing rather then a Diary as we all know Diary’s are for romatic endeavors or thoughts not everyday life aspects that we traverse through.

Live life to the fullest and enjoy everyday as if it were your last !

Changes in Our World

Our World as we have grown to know in our life time has long past the changes of days of old. Days of old for me goes back to the 1960’s time period. Since I was born in August of 1958 I have had the pleasure of living through some fantastic changes that our Country as a whole has rambled in and out of all the new things. We came into the age of TV dinners in those nice tin trays, then newer appliances were made more affordable and available for all to buy. We have listened as the music changed from Rock and Roll, to Hard Rock, Acid Rock, Old Country Music of the Grand Ole Opry tv show to the new forms of Country Rock. We have all genres now of music to choose from, many new artists and many great artists from the 1940’s who have passed away. We have had those One Hit numbers and some of the groups are still kicking out the new vinyl of the 21st Century as we live into today.

Many of you who know me from the Genealogy aspect of life, you knew years ago that I rolled by a different drum ! But you put up with me and my strange ways and all the negative remarks I myself made towards so many people during my 15 years of mental anquish. For you, I thank you for your generosity, your overall kindness and most of all for accepting me as me.

How times changes in all aspects of ones life. When doing genealogy with the group I was fortunate to meet through the old yahoo groups, then onto the Ancestry boards then we all joined My Space and now we are basically all on Facebook, we have seen so many new realms of ways to communicate. Many have placed regular emails to the side. Many no longer use a desktop or even a laptop computer since cell phones came into play and is more portable.

I myself still have not just 1 desktop, but 2 and I do not own a cell phone or a laptop ! Yes I am behind the times with technology, but some things I want to keep old school, or what is considered as old school in 2021.

We have as a Country been in a funk since late 2020 when Covid hit the United States. We ramble through our life in a screen of reality that we never thought we would experience. We have lost contact with those we have known for 30 years or more. This devasting pandemic has altered everone in a vast way that the young people of today are having to figure out a way to get through what they are experiencing in their short time they have been alive.

Others who are in their 20’s to 40’s are having to re-asses their lives and make adjustments and they are having a very difficut time doing so. You can see it around you in your tight nit communities, in your churches, in the outside activities that 2 years ago was just like any other day or weekend.

Those of us who are close nit as families whether blood related or not we in the research world know and understand, we remeber those stories of our grandparents and for some of what our parents went through in the early aspect of the 20th Century through the 1970’s. We have written down or cassette taped conversations, stories of their olden days. Some of us had the privildge to grow up and have family stories from our parents and grandparents be told to us.

We have helped others to uncover secrets that were held close in the elders top pocket and were never to be released out of the closet in many families only because in the early 20th Century these things were never talked about. For myself beginning my journey to uncover hidden aspects of my father’s biological father, uncovering many aspects of life was somewhat devasting. I say this only due to the addtional research for that times span in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. Looking and seeing how people in the region lived, the economy of a coal mining area. The accidents in the various mines that caused many woman to become widows at the age of 40 and having in some cases 13 children still living at home. The realization of what families could not afford to have. The basic things such as sugar was outrageously priced in that time span. Only making maybe 25.00 a week, having 13 children, trying to raise a garden for fresh food or livestock for meat. Ladies canning everything to put back for hard times as they knew it was going to come.

When you think back into the late 1800’s after the Cival War and the uncertainty of what life for many was going to be is in it’self a disparaging aspect of their lives they had to live. During those years depending upon where you lived in our current statehood, which much of it in the late 1800’s was still partailly wild territory. Animals such as buffalo were being killed more so then the past as people migrated from the east to the western regions of the states and territories.

Researching over the years and putting into place the entire Country in perspective is an extremely broad complicated aspect for one who was born as I was in the late 1950’s. A great deal of my research broadened my own horizens to where all I wanted to do was learn more and more. So much was never taught in school. No wonder I always felt as if I could not learn anything. How can one when you do not have the entire realm of what transpired thru out the entire Nation ?

Today as I write this, I am still amazed of what I hear on the world news channels. Flipping from one cable news channel to another, hearing conflicting stories. Listening to political pundits degrade each of the respective Political parties. These politicans of both parties will never ever beable to get together for us the people if Common Sense is not used.

I am hearing stories that our current President should resign for his failure to get everyone out of Afghanistan. If our former President had not fell into his talks with these various factions and made deals that he believed he could honor because he truly believed the People was going to re-elect him, then none of these circumstances would have taken place as they have. People like to forget things or say they mis-spoke when it was all aired for the entire world to see. These people who continuously play this game do not care about the population of this Country. They only care about playing the game which lines their own pockets with untold amounts of money and favors. For the most part Politicans are nice decent people, but when they have leaders who decide they do not want to do what is right for the entire popultaion of our Nation, then this envolves more then them. People these days are so complacent in hearing the same old lies that comes around every time and election is 2 years away. In somecases people are replaced due to illness or death. You rarely ever see a Politician throw up their hands and just tell the truth in it’s entirety. Yes, I am talking about all of the 3 parties we have. I am talking broadly as in the States own Legislations, the Senetors that are elected to represent us the people in Washington DC. Those are the ones that do not for the most part take in to account that the People, us, are the ones who elected them due to their word that they spewed across the airwaves, at rally’s where masses traveled to hear them and their promise to take care of the people.

Our current President is actually doing what he campaigned on. Atleast he is trying to implement common sense aspects that benefits the entire Country as a whole unit, not just the areas that our Senators wants to help.

Point to take into consideration and this was televised so there is record to prove this fact. Senior Republican Mitch McConnel fought tooth and nail against monies to be sent to my home state which he represents to begin infrastructure on the roads and bridges. He bragged on television to all Kentuckians that No he did not vote on it and he hoped that we Kentuckians are happy that we received the monies that assisted our state to begin replacing roads thruout our state. These roads were 20 years past due to be upgraded and he fought against this !

Back in 1976 when I was a senior in highschool I was able to vote for the first time. The homeconomics teacher was Sister Mary Joseph and she prepared all of us who were of age to vote, what to for in each party. She strongly advised us to read the daily newspaper, to watch the local news channel and at that time the World News after the regular news since we did not have cable in Louisville Kentucky at that time we had 4 main channels plus PBS and KET.

From the beginning of our Senior year in August of 1975 this was part of our Home Economics class. Yes we did sew and learn aspects of cooking, but we also learned how to budget a check book, budget an imaginary bring home pay and what our monthly expenses were. We had been given guidelines and ideas to decide what form of employment we worked, if we were married or single, going to college and having to also work parttime.

My first election was a Presidental election and yes I did vote for Jimmy Carter for President. You may be laughing about it or some of you may be, but this man lived an honest life. He was a hard working owner of a family business. While my parents were registered Democrats, they themselves did not always vote straight party line and I myself knew this by overhearing their conversations on those rare occasions Politics was being discussed within earshot of us kids. So my life was pretty much set with a determination from an early age to read whatever about the people who were running for office and what they had accomplished already in thier Political carreer and to read if they actually followed thru on their promises they made during their previous term. Many people may say that this is not a realistic avenue to take, but when you sit back and really look at it in the broader aspect, then it does make sense ! Afterall a man is only as good as his word. And at one time a man’s word was taken seriously.

Moving now to our present day affairs of State and Country as a whole. Our Country is basically going to hell in a hand basket to be quiet frank and to the point. We have too many people who are so far out on a fringe of every aspect of any form of idea it is just plain sad. Here we are the strongest Country on this planet who came to be, because our forebearers left tyranny, fammine, plaque that at that time was unconscionable and all these years later we are facing in our Country of immigrants the same thing our forefathers escaped from originally. But in the midst of it all we are facing Climate change that can not be reversed no matter what is done due to the arrogance of the Poiticans to not do what is right for our Country. Adding to this fuel packed Political aspect are all of the people of those parties who want to change all the progress that wars were fought on our own soil to bring about the change of having a peaceful and fruitful nation. People by the scores are so far out of the ball park in their line of none thinking it is tearing our Country to shreads.

People in this day and age of technolical advancment no longer think with the common sense as they one did. Not just in one spectrum but they have gone completly off the grid of thinking at all with any form of rationale or reasoning.

Sit back and think about it for a while. Go get you a glass of lemonade or ice cold tea and nder on it for a spell as of decendants would say.

After you ponder on it, really think about it, research it on your own across all networks of information that is out there online across the entire world wide web you will come to the clear sense that for the most part you have done this by making the decisions you have made youself…

Then sit back and ponder some more and then get up and do something about it………………………

Till next time Peggy Sue Dalton Druck

Away, but am making a comeback

Hello everyone, yes I have not posted anything in a rather long time. I do so apologize for this but I do have a valid reason or reasons. Mostly due to family activities and illness in my family, my brain has been taxed much more then usual.

Yes, I am like everyone else especially since CoVid hit the USA in 2020. My household consists of my husband, myself, my daughter, her husband and their 2 sons who are now in their ealry teens.

Much like many of you Covid did hit our household of 6 with my oldest grandson who was almost 14 years of age came down with it. He had contracted it from a friend that lives on our street and thus resulting in all of us contracting it. My grandson was tested and his condition was uncomfortable for him with having very bad stomach cramps, fever, vomiting much like you would have with a very bad case of the normal infulenza for Novemeber of any year.

As you can imagine this did place all of us under quarrenteen and all of us tested positive. Well there is nothing like being on lockdown with a family of 6 all under the same roof together all at once. Yes you can imagine it was not fun at all by any means. While my husband Tim and I remained in our basement we worried about our grandson who was ill since he had not been ill at all in his 13 years of living. Tim and I was over concerned due to my medical conditions I have as I worried that this may put me in the hospital. I can report I only felt worry during this and was very fortunate.

After the Covid shots became available both Tim and I were eligible for the 60 plus people in March of 2021. Prior to that we had to go back to retest 2 weeks later. Tim tested negative as did everyone else, but me I tested positive for a 2nd time. Before I even looked up my results the Louisville Health Department called me to advise me I tested positive again and not to go retest again as this may be in my system for 3 to 6 months. I was for the lack of better words torn up !

After we received our vaccines the only reaction I had as well as Tim, our arms had that hurt that you get from a strong shot and I was just a tad bit tired that night and slept all night long. This was a good thing for me because I had been like a colicky child with their days and nights mixed up. Many of you will know what that is like as I have been this way off and on for nearly 20 years.

I had other medical things I needed to take care of but due to possibly testing positive again with in that 6 month time frame a few things had to be put on hold. In March of 2021 on the 31st, I did however have my right hip replaced with a nice 5 piece hardware set that cost a grand total of 61 grand. Yes I do have the breakdown bill and all the part numbers incase of a future recall ! And incase you are wondering I did have to test prior to my surgery and I tested Negative !

I did not let Covid sway what I love to do which is Genealogy and Genetics. I took the time that my whole household was home and delved more into my personal genetics which I tested via Genomelink and Cri Genetics. Yes I had already had my DNA via Ancestry but I wanted to push the envelope and get a more comprehensive breakdown of all 22 chromosomes and what variations or mutations I had. Since I inherited more of my fathers DNA then I did my mother’s and I am the only child of my parents 4 daughters who inherited my father’s O negative blood type where my mother and all 3 of my sisters are all A or AB Positive, this was extremely interesting.

When I gave birth to my only child a girl, I remember the nurses coming in during my 3 day hopsital stay and taking multiple tubes of blood from me to run tests as I was told. When they would bring my daughter in her little heels were all pin poked from the drawing of her blood so many times.

Finally the last time they came to take my blood I put a hold on it until someone would explain to me why they needed so much blood from me and my infant newborn daughter. One of the head nurses came to me and explained that since I had not had a prior birth that it is rarity to have a child with a different Rh factor as this was the case with my daughter. She was a Positive RH factor and I am a Negative Rh factor. She is an A postive and I am an O negative. Many nowdays do not pay attention to this sort of thing but me being 21 at the time worried intensely about this from what the Nurses had told me that this was something that should not have happened.

The good thing about it was that I could give her and everyone else blood but I could only receive O negative blood otherwise it would kill me. Yes this is what I was told. So I guess this is one aspect that lead me to become intersted in Genealogy in 1995 and thus leading me down the road and into Genetics.

Many of you who follow me are into Genealogy and also into DNA. My reasons for the DNA is due to my many quirks and oddities I seem to have with respect to mental aspects that I have traversed since age 12 and not having a clear understanding from any doctors even up to today in 2021 other than my psychiatrist who has a full understanding of it and also of my thinking processes.

Since our Medical intities do not really delve into a persons DNA when they have a patient such as myself being allergic to all sorts of medications for anything ranging from my outdoor allergies and also all various medications that are needed for allergies and sinus infections or other things like pain, arthritis and a whole host of other medical conditions one may have.

I hit the motherload so to speak in these catagories. Mentally as many of you know I had for many years had to take various Anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications along with narcotics for severe back pain. It was nothing for me to take in one days time 6 percocet 10/325, 4 Flexeril muscle relaxers, various anti-depressants dailey or 2 times a day ontop of Xanac for Anxiety up to 3 pills per day. This went on from 1990 until September 2020. The pain meds I stopped taking in 2013 cold turkey. Yes I did have withdrawels but for me they were mild ones and only lasted about a week and was also off the muscle relaxers as well in 2013. The only thing I was on was the anti anxiety medication up to 3 pills per day when I was overly anxious and I also maintain the anti-depressants until they no longer worked then had to change out to another form of them.

Finally in September 2020 I decided I wanted to stop taking the Anti-depressants so I stopped those cold turkey as I have other medications. This time I had what some will call a “snowball” effect. The timing could not have come at a wild time since Covid hit in November and I was still working the ins and outs of not being on Anti-depressants. If you look at it like a computer, all my programs, files and everything dumped at one time and I had to go thru 3 months of re-booting my brain everyday. Yes it was a wild ride but a good one.

After all those years my mind had healed from the tramatic experiences I encured from age 12 to age 30. From 3 marriages and divorces, having a child at age 21 and working all jobs that were all stressful in finace my brain cracked in 2006 and thus the hard journey of rebuilding my brain and coming out on top in 2020. If anyone has had issues or experienced any form of these issues you will understand completely what I am typing.

Crossing over in my research and with my mental challenges of all the years I was able to talk with many new found relatives on both sides of my family branches. Correspondance galore over the years and comparing our issues we shared so vastly. Genetics and all those SNAPPS on each chromosome are abundant. Finding out you have mutations on all 22 of your female chromsomes and many over lapping aspects lead me on that wonderful road of putting everything into a calm realization of who I am and why my brain works the way it does.

I have had many people over the years that I have had tiffs with due to my shortsideness, vast difference of opinions and not accepting someones word with out the factual records to prove things. This was also a problem for me since I was raised Catholic, attended 12 years of Catholic school and as you know if you are a Catholic you attended church in some schools everyday and then again on Sunday. Being taught by nuns and lay people were not the ideal senerio for someone like me who had to have a fact base reason for what I was being taught. I even failed religion class one semester in high-school and I thought my parents would literally kill me. If you know anything about Catholics and having one Catholic parent and the other one who signed a paper saying all children born of the marriage were to be raised with- in the Catholic faith and attend Catholic schools, then you know what I am talking about. IT was not a pleasant thing to happen to someone in high school who would get detention for having an arguement with a nun who was teaching you religion and they could not give you fact. Their reason was you had to have “Faith”. Faith for me was not fact. Needless to say I skirted by 4 years of an all girl Catholic high school religion class being a C to C- student.

Facts are facts and anything other is conjecture. Yes you will hear that term used in many realms such as legal terminology, scientific reasonings and proof of said research and even in Genealogy. It is also in the realms of Genetics. Facts are facts when a person like me with messed up genes as I like to say, can finally answer a question that no doctor in my life time so far could ever answer.

Since I have worked in various forms of Finance from Collections to Mortgage Servicing then onto Mortgage origination I have a vast knowledge base and now that base widen more when I learned my Genetics and the breakdowns of it and how all of it factors into to my mental and physical aspects. This is a fascinating and can be overwhelming for some, but for me it has been relatively easy to understand, comprehend and I am able to fully discuss this with my psychiatrist I see to keep me in check. It is grossly under-rated by many doctors with concernes to your genetics unless you have to have tests ran for certain cancers or rare disease one may fall upon.

In February 2021 I went to see my PCP and he decided for whatever reason to argue with me about what insurance was my primary insurance just because I have been 100 percent disabled since 2006 and I am on Social Security as well. I am carreid under my husbands insurance, I decided I was not going to sit and argue with a doctor when he could not comprehend that I actually knew who was my primary insurance and that Medicare was my secondary insurer since I was under the age of 65 and I have coverage under my husband where he works at. I merely put my hand up and told him I wasn’t arguing with him. All I wanted to have done was a vitamin panel to see what vitamins my body lacked so I could get my body back in tune and finish getting my brain incheck incase I was deficit on vitamins that causes very bad outcomes in you brain as well as your over all body chemistry. I had even called my insurance company ahead of time to make sure that a full vitamin panel would be paid for and that I did not need to have prior authorization for it ! Needless to say it was not ran by him.

I did however locate and had to wait 3 months to see a new Primary care Dr. with whom he himself advised me he did not have a full understanding of Genetics and that he also could not run a full vitamin panel unless he had reason to do so or if I exhibited certain things. I spent an hour meet and sit down talk with him to see if he met my requirements be my primary care doctor. Needless to say he seemed to be a good doctor since I did do my research on him prior to seeing him. Yes you read that correctly I researched him, his school he attended for his medical degree as well as everyting else I could dig up on him down to his residency and I also inquired with other physicans of mine about him and they all gave him a good rating.

Needless to say he made the mistake of telling me if I did come down with a sinus infection I could call the office and ask for the meds that would nip it in the bud instead of me having to wait until it went into a full fledge head pounding, throat swelling, chest tighting type of hellish infections I do get after sneezong 3 times in a row. Ohio Valley weather, you just have to love it for all the allergens, dampness, overall unhealthy area if you are allergic to basically everything indoors and outside ! Yes I did call his office at the first 3 sneezes and guess what they refused to RX me anything. He even told the nurse to tell me he wouldn’t unless I came in and he didn’t have anything available for 3 weeks. Yes you did read that right so don’t fall off your chair or off your couch. Needless to say I will be looking for another primary care doctor ASAP. And incase you are wondering about the sinus infection, well I was lucky I still had some antibiotic from the one I had in early 2020 so I was able to nip it’s head before it took hold of me.

Another area of things that is interesting. Have you ever heard of Tangentgential Thinking ? Well it is a rollercoster to deal with. It is when you are thinking or talking about one thing then all of a sudden your change gears in mid thought or speach. You have heard of people say “Oh I lost my train of thought” or they all of a sudden switched gears when you are talking and you sit back and think to yourself “when did we change topics” ! I am that type of person. IT is like having an fireworks display in your brain where you can literally seek all the sparks zipping around yoour brain and sparking and bouncing from one side of your brain to the other. If you haven’t noticed in this writngs I have somewhat switched gears, but I think I made a fluid switch by going from one aspect of Genetics into the things you find out about yourself and what you inherited.

Now that you have read this, I hope it will either have you thinking or relating or make you think that once upon a time you had a relative that is or was like this.

Genetics is wonderful and goes hand in hand with Geneaology when you get write down to it !

For now, until next time may all who reads this or those who have shared it to your wall enjoy reading my rational/unrational writing !

Happy month of July 2021

Today is the 1st day of July 2021. Here we are already over midway through the year. Look how far our Country has come in just 6 months. We have now an Operational Government as far as a President and Vice President, Cabinet members and their staffs. Yes I realize that this will really be a “Point of Contension” for some of you who do follow my blog which is also attached to my Facebook account. So for those of you who do not like our New President and the fact that he is a Democrat, then I highly reccomend you scroll on by incase I decide to get somewhat Politcal !

Recently I have had some discussions with people via Facebook about many articles I post and the fact that I do tend to place my own opinion above the article I post to Facebook. After all Facebook is a “Social Media platform”. Since it is this type of platform, I do not waste my time with all the non conforming groups that like to tear down our Country. For myself, my reasoning and learning a great deal about history via all the research I have done, I tend to as some people say go over board. I myself do not see it that way. Just like this WordPress site. It is a free forum to write on, which I love to do, but I chose to attache it to my Facebook page and yes this does cost me a small bit of money to do so.

Since I am into Genealogy, DNA and Genetics’, I do follow many who has a blog concerning their research, thoughts, ideas and shares their knowledge base of what aspect they have themselves attained. I had initially started mine for the same reasons to share my research that I worked hard on for 25 years. No, I have not really compiled all my information, shared it here in my writings as I have decided that I am not going to rush in, cause myself unnecessary stress to meet a deadline for an every day posting of my hard work. I have chosen to use my platform on WordPress for all sorts of things. I worked within a group of about 30 people back in the day. They helped me and then I took what they provided to me and expanded upon it. Their knowledge helped me to understand and learn about the region(s), the people and also all my relatives that I had no idea exisisted. My dad knew many of the people I found out about and he would tell me what he knew. Like many, he knew people as some kind of kin. See back when he was growing up he didn’t really listen to how a person was actually related to him. All he knew was they were some sort of kinfolk to him. You have to remember he was born in November 1922 in Bell County Kentucky. Many people from that area were what I would call “dirt poor” and my dad’s immediate family fell into that category. He was raised in an era where so many bad and disruptive things had been and were taking place. But for him, he was a kid growing up and learning how to survive. He was small as a child. He had to learn how to defend himself from the bullies from back then. He had to learn how to find food for himself. He was fortunate in one great respect he was being raised in the same household as his one and only 1st cousin, Norris. They were basically 15 months apart in age. So they were actually raised like brothers in many respects. If you are of Irish decent, they would have been considered Irish twins as that is a term that was used back then and still is used in some areas today. Since I have 2 grandsons who themselves are 15 months apart I think of them in the same fashion from time to time. Even though I myself am not Irish !

Many people including my own relatives really do not know me. They know how I was way back in the day when I was younger or in some cases since I have 2 older sisters and one younger sister, they know me because we share the same parents, the same house and the same way of being taught things by our parents. Even then depending upon which child of us Four Daughters as we expand over a 16 year span in ages. The eldest being born in December 1947, the second being born also in December of 1952, my self being born in August of 1958 and the youngest being born in October 1963.

Since children do not come with instruction book when they are born, our parents raised each of us differently while still maintaining certain aspects. We were each taught not to lie, cheat or steal. We were taught to have respect for our grandparents, parents and our elders. We were taught to have respect for things that do not belong to us and if you wanted to play with something or use something to ask permission first. Since we were raised in the Catholic Faith we also had to follow somewhat strict Religious rules as well. Now you have to remember the differance of each child’s age. With the first being born in 1947 and the last being born in 1963 well times changed.Even in the Catholic Faith changes took place there as well.

When you take into account how the times were back in the late 1940’s and what all developed across the world up through 1963 a great many changes had taken place not just in our Country but also around the World. From the simplistic way things were cooked, to various music to fashion and even all the way down to the shoes, many advances took place during that 16 year time frame.

World War 2 had ended and the rise of industry took another jump in history for our Country. People moved around back then since many new areas had been developed not just in Kentucky but through the entire Untied States. Men had returned from the war, got married and began families. Many decided to stay in the state where they had done their Military training.Woman who had worked during the war went back to becoming housewives and still raising the children they had prior to the war. More children were born which is a natural progression in nature.

Television sets in portions of the United States were beginning to become somewhat affordable for that particular era and area and many were able to see what was going on around the world due to the expansion of news. People did not have to rely on what they heard on the radio anylonger. People themselves began to change from being complacent to the same ole same ole way that had been done for their life span they had already lived.Thier own ways began to change for themselves.

Cooking stoves changed, refrigerators advanced, all the way down to the washing machines went from being in some areas from the old metal pan and washboard or the ringer style to ones that look much like the ones we have now have in 2021. Well maybe not as advanced as some like what we have now, but you get the general gist.

Since I myself was not born until 1958, I did not get to experience some of the aforementioned aspects. I vaguely remember that my mom did have an electric ringer washer and she did have a gas stove and also a tall refrigerator. No clothes dryer, she hung her wash out on the clothesline in the back yard. OR during the winter she hung them in the basement on a clothesline and in some cases a stand up hanger system. The one in the back yard was probably the standard 3 strand as many did pack then. I myself have clotheline metal poles in my own back yard, but the wire lines are all rolled up and attched to the end of the poles. Yes, I have become complacent and use a gas dryer now. For me my washer is in the basement of my home, I choose not to carry a heavy load of clothes up 8 stairs and out the back door to hang to dry. And besides that, there are 2 Magnolia trees that are about 40 years old that hang over the same area where the clothesline poles are. Why waste my time to wash them, carry them up the stairs hang them up only to have the nesting birds do their business on them !

In 2 months and 10 days will be September 11 2021. Twenty years ago our Country was attacked by outside forces and 4 airplanes were highjacked. As you will remember 2 of those planes took out the Word Trade Centers, another hit the Pentegon and lastly the last one was taken down by the passengers aboard that plane as they were not going to let that plane do harm to another area. Those people aboard that plane were heroes.

I was on the the computer that day watching my favorite morning news show with Katie Couric when in the background you could see the first plane hit the Trade Tower. I was in one of the yahoo groups chatting with a vast group of people and I let them all know. As most people they do not have their tv on while they are on their computer. I myself since owning a computer wanted to have mine situated in my homeoffice so I could watch the tv at the same time as I was having fun online, learning new things from other people all over the country we live in. Once I told them, many got offline and went to their livingrooms or family rooms to turn on the news. I called my husbands work to advise them and they had already heard and had our small 4 inch screen tv my husband had there and was watching it since it came across the radio they changed it over to the tv aspect to watch.

So since 1963 to 2021 again so many things have changed.Our technology has advanced even more. New ideas are being implemented to help make life for all of us in many cases easier. I like many of my online friends takes advantage of buying online and having it delivered to us instead of us going out and doing all the walking to shop hours on end. IT has it’s advantages and also it’s disadvantages. I all depends on who were are, how we choose to live our own lives and what we enjoy doing. Our technology in may ways has cut out time in our busy days. Some of us depending upon our age or our physical status love the idea that we do not have to go out of the house and do all the price comparisons at the groceries or going from one shopping mall to another to look for new clothing for the new season. For myself I like it since I let my daughter use my vehicle to go to work. Yes I have become a very,very stay at home person over the past 15 years.

While writing this on the television the news have been showing the Court Renderings of what charges and who the charges were placed upon in regard to our Former President and his Business. Another historic event !

Since I can not predict the future I do believe for myself I will once again begin to go out of my home and go out to the different stores to see what all is out there ! Then again, I may not !

Till my next writing, Live your life to the fullest each day as you may never know what day will be your last !

Doctors, Hospital and Emerceny Room Oh MY !

Just as the title says, this has been my week so far since Saturday a week ago. Today is 22 of June 2021, so it has now been over a week. My dear husband Tim, came home from work on Friday looking like a drained old man that looked as if he had aged 17 years in just one week. My husband Tim worked for an accumalted time of 18 years at Jeff Boat in Jeffersonville Indiana up until they closed in 2018-2019. They closed their doors after being in business for over 100 years. This compnay was once called Howard Steam, then as time progressed and the Ohio RIver opened up more, it became Jeff Boat Barge Buidlders who were owned my Commercial Barge lines who’s Home office is now in the lower 48. Since the original business was named after a Howard, I delved into his history to learned he was not of the Howards from the South Eastern Ky, Howard’s. This sparticular Howard came over from England and began his Steam boat company and maintained it for many years. The only thing left to remind anyone of the wonderful begginnings is the Steam Boat musesum located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Well since my husband was a steel fitter or the correct term a Ship Builder/fitter he worked year round in the elements. Rain, cold weater, and yes the heat and humidity that all came with the job. Being a hot natured man, he would constantly sweet from the top of his head down to his socks which were covered by steel toed boots that came mid way up the calf. Wearing heavy blue jeans, tee shirts and an over shirt that was cotton, he would begin the winter time wearing a tee shirt with a buttoned down long sleeve shirt and either a leather jacket or a thick flease hoodie jacket. Before he would be at work in 20 or 30 degree weather, he would already have icecycles on his beard and mustach. He would grow his hair long to keep his neck warm and grow his beard out to keep his face warm. Many times he looked like a man who lived up in the hills ! He loved being a hard labor worker, beating on steel to make it fit into place as many of the blueprints were not on spec. He did take college classes at Ivy Tech for Hydrolics and aced his tests etc. For him it was a no brainer.This did not actually pertain to his job, but did make it possible for him to work on things comcerning hydrolics at Jeff Boat. He 1st left Jeff Boat back in the 1970’s when they had their largest strike and layed off a multitude of people, he fell in that line. This did not disway him as he hussled and found work at Firestone changing tires, working on small things on cars. Then he world at one of the Rubber plants here in Louisville, Ky. After that he was able to go back to Jeff Boat and regain his old time card number and also work back on line one that he has originilly worked on. They went thru another layoff in about the mid 1980’s and he had a new wife and a baby daughter, so he went back out and began to hustle at anyjob he could find. His wife at that time had been attending college for Radiology, but this was.t to close to Louisville so she had to travel back and forth everyday for school and also for working in the field while learning. Finally, their marrige fell apart and Tim decided at age 28 to join the United States Navy. Yes that is old by their standards to join, but by his determination he went thru all the physicals, training, swimmng that is involved with being in the Navy. He has many Comendations for his work while he learned in the Military. He ended up as a Machinist Mate 3r Class working onboard a ship in with the boiler units and ariconditioning units among other things that the Navy personal had to do, stand watch after an already long day of 8-12 hours and then stand an 8 hours shift. Yes, I too think it is ridiculous , but it is the Navy or Military way to learn self discipline and self esteem.

Tim, served 4 years active duty and had a 30 day chain that started in August 1990 and his offical outdate was September 1990. During this Time “Desert Sheild” had began and since he had 30 days then they sent him home so not to have to fly him from the Meditterain back to the States side of Norfolk Virginia his home port. This was a great time for those of us who had not seen an actual war taking place so it was all over the television and was so very interesting and sad at the same time. To see the bombardment of the countries from the ship that was out about 2 miles in the ocean. Tomahawk Missiles, Surface to air Missles, 10 inch guns aboard the ship he ws attached to. The Ships name was the USS VIRGINIA CGN38. For those of you who do not know how to decode this, CGN stands for a Nuclear Guided Cruiser and the 38 was the class of it. He has a total of 2 Meditterainian Cruises that last 6 months each. He obtain his badges/metals for each and he also studied for was is called ESWAS. This stands for Enlisted Seface Warfare Specialist. To many, this is not a big thing, but for him it meant he could wear a Special sweater that many Officers couldn’t as they were not qualified. I am very proud of him when I looked over his entire military file before he took it to the Reserves that was on SouthSide Drive just down from from Holy Rosary Acedemy, my Alma Mater a year later to do 3 years of reserves, 1 week a month and 2 weeks a year.

If I had known I was going to get heavy into genealogy I would have copied his entire file even the records of the Radiation level tags he had to wear. I say this as his migraines he suffers from intensified while in the Navy even though his mother, older sister and brother have all suffered from them. When it comes to migraines their are 3 type, Neurological, Muscular and Vascular. These are very devastating headaches and I watched him as the years went by they became even more intensified. But since this is a Inherited trait and they really did not and still do not know what causes them even today 22 of June 2021, he was placed on everything out there. He even had Botox injections before insurance companies would approve of them. He has also had several types of injections which did not work but for a week. He has gone as far as having acupunture that last all of a week and that was back when it ran 60.00 per visit.

Getting back to this week. Tim went to his standard pain management doctor after being sick on Saturday and Sunday and Monday and then on Wednesday he went to Walgreens Clinic who did the Covid test and the Sars 2 test to rule out the flu. All his symptoms would lead you to believe he had a very bad flu as he said Saturday morning that he felt like a Mack truck had hit him and rolled over him to no end. His eyes looked sunken in, his shoulders were all droopy, his entire body ached so bad that he said even his hair hurt. Needless to say when I looked at his tongue it was all white coated. So I know from that he had thrush.When I took him to the Emergency room, I primarily did all of the taking as he was so week and run down he could’nt keep his days straight.Walgreen’s did not give him any Antibiotics, his own doctors office did not give him any antibiotics since they wanted to see what the blood work would show up. And they would not get his test results until this coming Wednesday which as of today’s writings is Tomorrow. The Emergency did do different testing on him and I looked at them today. His white blood cells were off the charts, red blood cell extremely low as well as all the other items fell into the lower or down so far they did not even hit their stand scale. So they were suppose to give him a pill and then send him home after the bag of sodium chloride was fastly sucked up in his system. We were at the hospital from entering and signing in to being relesed 6 hours. Now mind you this was 6:45 pm till 1 am Sunday morning by then.

I myself had not started driving yet, let alone driving at night. Since I had the Cateracs removed in October 2020, I had only done some day time driving and then after the hip replacement on March 31 2021, I had not drove at all due to all the problems I had had with my hip. I had just been released from therapy that thurday before he became sick. So me drivng him to the hospital I thought would terify him to death, but in all honesty it went rather smoothy and the drive home in the dark was actaully surprising for us both.I have had night blindness for 20 years so I rarely drove unless it was on raods that I knew everything about !

Today I was able to look on his Mychart with Notron healtchcare and seen all his lab work that was ordered. Everything was in the lower realms by the standards they show and he was very high on one of the things. Mind you he has since the previous Saturdy he woke up with a 103 fever, bouncing back and forth from 98 to 101, 102 or 103. Taking 2 tylenol and check temp after 2 hours it was back down to 98. Then next thing you know in 20 minutes it went straight back up to the top 103.He did hit 104 about 3 times and that for me was a very dangerous area to be hitting.I began pumping him full of everything. I even pulled out my Claritomycin=Biaxin, which are 500 miligrams each pill. The Doctor at the hospital looked at me if I were crazy for ging them to him as she stated they are not for Viral Infection, so I let her know that they are as I take them for Viral infections.

Yes, by all means laugh ! She order several shots to be put in his veins and while she was ordering them I asked her the name and told her 2 of them were not warrented until she received his blood work back as he is still considered a heart patient and those meds are NOT conducive with heart patients and she was not going to give him something that he would then suffer from side effects thus taking more medications on top of that and they all lead to very bad constipation or in some cases a stroke. So she canceled those orders. I told her to start pumping him along with the Sodium Chloride a strong antibiotic to begin makeing him feel better via the bag of water or one of the things in is harm. Talk about a hateful look from a Doctor ! I did not care, hell I know way to much about all medications and the side effects of all of them. They gave him Zofran for nausea when he wasn’t even naucious. I left that one go because he may become nauseas. But those shots she ordered were NOT given to him, as I told her if she gave them to him and he had any sort of reaction to them, then she would loose her license to procatice as I would sue her and the Hospital both.They were suppose to give him some kind of pill and never did, but on his my chart it shows it was given to him. So come later today depending up what time I get up from being awake all night again,their billing department will be told to stop the billing process and send it to the nurses to look at and re-investigate as they never scanned his bracelet for it. So, if was given it wasn’t given to him. I know how those things work too as I did that sort of work for 2 years via a temp service for Jewish hospital when they were downtown on 4th street in a certain office for those types of things. I have learned from the past 50 years from age 12 what meds are, how they are dispensed, how the previous known CRS does and now how the newer way they do it. I know billing, insurance filing, icd9 codes to get things filed correctly all before I went into FInance with Banks, Mortgae Servicers, Mortgage Brokers in Kentucky and Indiana, Veteran Loans for property and Reality-based things. If I wanted to buy property and build a house I know all of that plus how to do it as well as all the permits etc. I do not like elctrical work, but if need be I can do it ! Plumbing is a no brainer for me, I’m just not good with welding of any kind. Tim has taught me all the ins and outs of working on cars, breaking down and putting back engines, pulling transmissions and working on them and reinstalling them.He taught me how to all the maintenace on vehicles when it comes to tune ups, setting pionts and belts with the light scanner.Just seen on the morning news that Wing Top has run out of wings and are now selling thighs in it’s place. And a new coffee report, coffee is better for type 2 diabetics all except for instant coffee ! Guess I will get my 14 ounce cups out ! Well it is now 9;48 am Tuesday morning so I am going to drink a cup of coffee and drop on the water bed and get about 4-5 hours sleep. Catch all you good poeple on the flip flop ! HAHA and many lololol !

Miltary times of my Dad WW2 South Pacific

After much research and waiting and waiting for months for records to be pulled from St. Louis Archives I received a multitude of my dad’s military records. Many of these records had burn marks, portions were also gone due to the fire that took place back in the day, but all in all I was able to piece together a great deal of information.

What was not shown was the ship he took from Florida after basic training to Australia. This was one area that my dad could not remember over the last 5 years of my intense questioning. All he knew was it was the same one he took from Florida to Australia and then onwards to the South Pacific Islands. The ship he was on in the convoy of ships heading there encountered heavy bombing. The ship that dad was on was blown up out of the water. He recalled that terrible time spending four hours in the cold waters and seeing many of his Army buddies from boot camp be eaten by sharks. When he recalled this time it literally sent chills up his spin as well as my own spin. He recalled having to take his army dungaree’s off to use as a flotation device to stay afloat until one of the other ships in the group picked up the live bodies out of the cold water.

Think about being in that water seeing sharks and their “Black” eyes as he recalled circling each person before they took their lives. My dad was fortunate during this time as he remained calm in the water as to not kick his legs to draw attention to himself. The sharks did however attack several of his buddies becuase they were scared and kept kicking their legs to tread water with their hands and feet. When dad was awoken aboard the ship when the ship was hit, all he had on was his pants. No socks, shirt or shoes. There was no time to grab anything he recalled. He made it to the deck and had to jump into the water and get far enough out to prevent from being taken down from the tow of the water pulling the ship under. I shudder as I write this out even now. All he could do was keep his wit about him and remember the part of his training about what to do if you ended up in the ater in the ocean. Wit and common sense as well as being scared to death seeing black eyed sharks all around. For those sharks this was a feast. My dad laughed when he said that because he himself was only 120 pounds and was only 5 foot 7 inches. Imagine that size in your head and yes he was compared to many men of that era to be a small man. He was barely 20 years of age facing death not from the enemy he was sent to fight, but from sharks just waiting for him to move so they could have a free meal of human flesh. He was very fortunate that he did not obtain any cuts on his way off the ship or by running into debris of the blown up ship that would be floating in the waters he was in. Had he been cut and was bleeding, not having any means other then his pants to keep him afloat, those sharks would have smelled the blood. He knew of his own studies what sharks were like, but to be that close to them almost face to face at times would have been terrifying to a 20 year old man who had never been near an ocean. Lakes have fish, swimming holes in Bell County Kentucky had fish, snakes of various varieties that he knew which ones would be poisonous to encounter. But to a barley 20 year old man to be now facing sharks is something that no word can explain.

By the time the last ship arrived after battling off the planes or submarines that had attacked the fleet he was with was four hours of living hell. He recalled after the ship arrived he had to go up the ships ladder to get aboard and then to be taken to get warm clothing, socks, shoes a shirt to put on and was able to get some hot coffee. He said all he could do was keep his fear to himself. He had to maintain his dignity, be a man not some whimpering soldier. This is what people now refer to as PTSD for many who lived not just through the war, seeking out the enemy and killing them before you got shot or worse stabbed or even worse your throat cut and left for dead. While listening to his stories from his time in that war in what he called a war that should never have happened, I myself imagined everything he was talking about while I was writing, taking those notes and looking at his face, his expressions and his fear that still haunted him all those years later even up to the day before his death on 16 July 2013.

Going back to his Military records. My dad advanced from an enlisted mant to a private after traing and to become a Platoon Sergeant while in those islands. My dad had no qualms whatsoever to kill what was termed “Gooks” as they were referred to in his day of WW 2. He said the army taught him to kill. Taught him the ways to try and stay safe. Taught him the ways to shield himself when he was personally under attack. Them men of his Platton followed my father into the jungles. They would sneak up on the enemy being ever so quiet making no sounds as they walked. Then they would begin shooting without any form of emotion as the Army trained them this way. Many of you who may read this will think that his actions would have fallen under war crimes. This is what my dad always held in his mind to the day he died. He would not allow me to obtain his Military records for fear if they were read while they were being copied that he would be accused of War Crimes. He said he could not at his age of nearly 90 go thru a trial for such a thing. HE believed that he was trained and sent there to KILL, take no prisoners but to kill the enemy as they killed so many men at Pearl Harbor. He said when the news of the bombardment at Pearl Harbor took place and he heard it on the radio while working at Mengal’s woodworking in Louisville Kentucky where he had moved up to right out of high school from what is now the Old Bell County High School which is located in Bell County Kentucky. He said to me that he said to some of the men at the shop that he had never heard of Pearl Harbor while he was in school.This was not brought up in the teachings of that day for Geography or in any form of Historical venue even though it was the place where Navy Ships all were at during this time period. Right then and there in January after work he went downtown to the Airforce office to sign up, but since he was too short by their requirements he was placed in the Army and his Cousin Norris enlisted in to the Airforce as he was taller then dad. Norris and dad was raised by their grandparents Thomas Taylor and Martha Jane Taylor, nee Vaughn. They lived between from time to time Bell County and Rose Hill Virgina,White Shoals, Virginia and had family also in Harlan County Kentucky where his great grandfather William Riley Taylor had been brought to from the North Carolina area to what was once called Mt. Pleasant now known as Harlan, Harlan County Kentucky. My dad’s great grandpa who he never met as he died in 1902 or 04 off the top of my head had owned property that he purchased from his father Jessie Irvin Taylor. Jessie had served in the war of 1812 in the North Carolina area. He settled there there for a short bit and met and married Nancy Lundy. In some records her middle name is Marky or Mark, but they married in her area and they settled down. Since Jessie’s service was over he had heard of land in Kentucky, so he picked up his new family and traversed to Kentucky with a family named Davidson. While they had horse and wagons in that time span they also ended up having several children before leaving North Carolina.They had a couple in what we know as Virginia. Some born and died at child birth, no names were ever given to them but one set of twins. That would be my great great grandpa William Riley Taylor’s siblings. Their names were Benjamin and Griffith Taylor. Benjamin died prior to Grief as he was called throughout his own life. When Jessie and Nancy arrived in Mt. Pleasant, Kentucky one of their daughters also named Nancy fell in love with one of the Davidson’s boys. They married and then she left her family and traveled out west to settle land and to raise her own family in what was still considered Indian Territory for the most part. Jessie had recieved a land grant for 200 hundred acre in Mt Pleasant and also received 40 acreas in Missouri later on. He sold those acres in Missouri as he was in his mind to old to pick up his family and go settle the land there. HE stayed and maintained in Harlan County finishing raising his large family seeing them get married and some moving out of the area to adjoing Counties that had been formed. Since William Riley was the eldest of the children , he purchsed from Jessie the acreage that his father had, 200 acreas is and was a great deal of land back then to settle, make gardens to grow food, have cattle to raise to feed his family and provide fresh milk for his children and some grandchildren that had been born. Since Jessie had grown older with William being the first born, William did puchase the property but they never got around to perfecting the bond. In order for William to do this after his father’s death accured suddenly while he was in what we know at the Barboursville area of Kentucky, William had to take the legal way. So he had to list out all of his siblings in a court filing. Listing out those who had died intestate, those who did not want to go against William as they knew, I myself surmise, and in the listing of his siblings one of his brothers names was listed as Irvin Taylor Jr. This is what I refer to as an ah ha moment as their has been this nagging question since I received this information from Frankfort Kentucky archives many yearas ago. So was Jessie’s name Irvin Jesse Taylor. Yes his name has been spelled with the e at the end and also with an ie at the end. As the writer of my lineage I choose to use the ie at the end of his name. Many who I researched with who are a group of about 20-30 back in the late 1990’s to the early 2000’s were Ancestry’s researchers of that particular area. I myself not being raised in the Bell and Harlan County areas was very lucky to fall into this group of ladies and gentlemen whose families not only grew up there but many of them to this day still lives in the area and so do their children and grandchildren.Within the Tri-State areas of Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee you will today find many of these intermarried descendants there sharing their families history so eloquently and they have the actual proof since they grew up in the areas and lived what trials and tribulations over the last 100 years, lending to their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren of today.

While this story of my lineage is not whole in this writing, future writings will delve into more detail about each child of Jessie and of William, his last born son Thomas who went by Tom to some and Big Tom to many in Bell County area and also to Williams other siblings as well. With each child of Jesse and Nancy having upwards of 15 children or more, and the renameing of these children also being named after their uncle’s and Aunts and every William Riley Taylor himself, this makes for many many more writings for me as the author to re-compile from notebooks from 20 years, from documentation located via Ancesty site I have been a proud monthly paying customer since 2001. At some point in my writings I will also engage of the DNA aspect and my search for my father’s biological father whom he never knew, the relationships of many of my dad’s great Aunts and Uncles and of those children who were bornout of wedlock. For many people they do not like having their family skeletons to be pulled out of the dark shadows of closets, those secrets that many of the children did not know but later found out. The twist and turns of life back in the early and late 1800’s into the 1900’s and some into the 2020’s and lastley into the 2021 century that we now all share together. Remember when reading my writings, my sources will be added at somepoint and time as I clear my thoughts and have to look over to my Ancestry tree to have all the correct dates for each individual, their paper documentation and yes all the wonderful pictures I will place that I have been so fortunate to find from those good souls in the Genealogy groups that I hold so dear. But most of all to those men and woman who helped me to fill in the blanks, sort out the re-naming of children over and over again ! Till I write again in a few days, I hope you have enjoyed my compilations of my vast eastern Kentucky relatives with whom I wished I was born earlier then 1958 so I myself could really learn many truths, the sorted details and most of all the Skeleton’s that have been hidden away for nearly 2 centuries.. Till then I leave you with your own wonderings from your imagination of what I am writing for your enjoyement and for your own part of history that I myself took to like a dog with a bone and shook many people minds, souls and located to sorted and unsorted truths from 200 years on the making and my 25 years in the making also.

Timing is everything

Well just as the title says, timing is everything. When I first started my blog I had intentions of doing it on a daily base. But life decided to interject its’ self into my daily activities. On March 31, 2021 I ended up having to have my right hip replaced. Yes, it did hurt, but I did not think I would have had so many things to go wrong. I planned everything ahead of time as far as making sure the walker from my grandma was in the houes, my great grandpa’s cane was here for me to use, the tub chair was in the house that belonged to one of my uncles. I had purchased easy to fix foods for myself while my husband was working so I would not have to worry about going from the basement up to the kitchen to fix myself actual meals. I live in my basement and my main floor is used by my daughter and her family. We share the kitchen and upstairs bath/shower as I have a half bath down stairs. I have a cabinite my dad made for me back in 1993 when my husband and I purchased our first home and now in this home we converted it into a cabinete with a small bar sink in it for coffee cups, small things we use in the microwave or the convection oven I have. I have numourous small appliances in my downstairs pantry to use when ever the need appears.

In life the curve balls that we are thrown into our very thought out plans can cause tremendous upset in our own special world. My curve balls were the 1st home therapists that visited me 4 days after surgery. Well needless to say he was not allowed to return as his pushing took it’s toll on me. Keep this in mind. The week prior to my surgery I needed to get good and hydrated. Not thinking about the Sodium content in Gaterade, I drank at minimum 4 per day up to 6. That is a great deal of sodium for someone who has basically cut out her sodium intake all together. So after my surgery, my feet looked like balloons at the end of my legs. So when I came home I needed to drink nothing but water all day to get the excess water build up out of my body. I had almost 17 pounds of water I was carrying in my system. I know because of my pre-surgery weight and my come home next day weight !

Now my therapy I schedualed for 2-3 pm so keeping this in mind and me drinking water, I was constantly scooching back and forth to the bathroom which is about 50 feet from my desk chair and 60 feet from my standard comfy chair and stool.

Afterwards I basically let the therapy group which I will not name, I let them know they were never to return to my home at all ! Yes, I was very upset since this particular therapist and his pushing me to go back and forth so many times those 50 feet with my walker, caused both of my shoulders to basically give out all together. In 2019 I had already had a right rotator cuff repair and this therapist’s pushing caused that shoulder to basically lock up and did harm to my left shoulder also.

Yes life can really throw you those curve balls !

It is now as of this writing June 15 2021 about 11:45 pm, I am still in therapy 2 times a week ! Yes, I know many of you are thinking why ? Well, I ended up doing the vast majority of my therapy myself for the first month. Mind you I had to go back to my surgeon and receive cortisone shots in both shoulders and he even did x-rays of the one he had repaired 2 year previously as it had locked up.

I go to thereapy this coming Thursday and more then likely will have 1-3 more sessions as there is nothing more that can be done until the bone and all completely heals in a year to a year and a half. Yes it does take that long to completely heal.

My therapist is overall happy at my own therapy I do at home, since I have 8 stairs to go up to the landing to let my dogs in and out. Then another 4 to the upstairs kitchen and the rest of the main floor. I wrote him out a list of things I use at home to do therapy with since I do not own one of those treadmiles or bikes. Even though I am not suppose to do several of the things I have been doing them for a month now. No, I am not really going against my surgeon’s list or my therapists list, I am just doing them sooner then they claim I should be able to do them. Yes I am hardheaded or as I like to say determined, but I know how far I myself can push this almost 63 year old body that has arthritis, and osteoarthritis and all sorts of arthritic pain in my body. But that is one of those curve balls that life has thrown at me and smacked me very hard with it.

Those of you who do know me, knows I am a very determined woman and I do not let anything or anyone get in my way. I never have and never will. Only thing that will get in my way is when I can no longer walk or drive, but then I will find some way to get things done.

Coming from a lineage of Dalton’s and Taylor’s on my dad’s side and Montgomery’s and Washburn’s on my mother’s side and then the correspnding greats on both sides, I have a Genetic makeup of genes that are wired to make me push myself physically and even mentally to the breaking point. I can honestly say that I am Genetically made this way.

So for me Life is like a roller coaster, I have my up and downs everyday, but the timing is one of those things that definitley can not be expected !

Till I write again !

Journal Notes

Well this Journal aspect of my WordPress blog hasn’t had much placed on it. So here goes, let’s play catchup. Here we go. On 31 March 2021 I had a right hip replacement surgery. The surgery from what I can remember supposedly went well. From the Surgical and hospital records I ordered to read thru were a whopping 237 pages. Now mind you I stayed over night after surgery and was released by 11 am the next day 1 Apr 2021.

No, I really do not remember much other then having to get up at what seemed to be every 10- to 15 minutes to hit the elusive potty chair. If you are planning on having surgery and need to get your body hydrated, DO NOT drink Gatorade the week before. I say this becuase I did not realize it is overloaded with sodium. When you become sedentary as I did for 3 years, you do become dehydrated because you are not up moving and sweating like normal people. And I am anything but NORMAL! And I hate drinking water !

Well since I was so tired in the hospital from all the drugs and combinations of them they were pumping into me while in surgery and also after surgery when they came in to talk to me I did respond apparently very well. Personally, I do not remember any conversations other then one about an hour before I was to be released. The nurse had come in with a pan of water and soap and she had me take a bed bath. She washed anything from the waist down while I washed everything from the waist up. After being dried off, she did not give me my bag to get my deodorant out, so go figure. She was nice enough to get my change of clothes to wear home and help me into my pants since I was not suppose to bend and had to be very careful not to spread my legs ! Was not an easy task to put on my sweat pants, but she helped me and showed me how I needed to do it once I left the hospital.

Now since I had had all that wonderful gatorade the week before and the fact they had me hooked up to bags of water to help flush my system of the sodium it basically caused both of my feet to look like big round balls and she had put a pair of my footies on me that were pink. What she did not know about these footies were that they were made small and you really had to stretch them out before putting them on me. I had brought with me those cute ones from previous surgeries since I wear them at home when walking around the house in sock feet. You know the ones they have those cute stripes on both side of them to keep you from skidding across the floor !

I barely remember my surgeon coming into the room after surgery but what I do remember was he told me he measured 4 times then made one cut.

IF you know anything about carpentry they always say measure 2 times and cut on the outside of your line so you have a perfect fit. Well he told me he measured 4 times and cut on the outside of the line ! I laughed and told him that is a great thing so I knew that both my legs would still be the same length and I would not walk with a gimp. I had told him in the office that having to walk with a gimp or having to have an insole to raise me up was not an option. So he told me that he would make sure I didn’t walk with a gimp or need an insole.

While reading the 237 pages, the section after the implant, they had the notes where they measured both legs as well as both sides of my body for my full height.I knew I had lost height over the past 10 years going from 5 foot and 3/4 of an inch, what I didn’t realize that I was after surgery a whopping I was 5 foot and .098 inches tall. That is what happens when you can’t take hormones after a hysterectomy ! Yep good old Osteoarthritis in the hip joints and other joints in the body. Plus arthritis on the bones as well. Since I still drink milk I hope the amount of calcium will prevent further bone loss.

My genetics which I had done via 2 separte companies indicated that I was not genetically inclined to have any forms of arthritis. But depending upon the way you lived can change your genetic makeup. Actually it does not change your Genetic makeup, it alters areas of overall body, Your Genetics can not change, just how you do things with your body or to your body determines what your physical and mental being will be.

Since I could not take hormones after my hysterectomy in 1990, I knew that my body was more prone to gain weight since the hormones that are there are to help all the other hormones work together. Play buddies in the body ! Almost the same as Eat and Apple every day keeps you healthy in everyway.

When the ovarian hormones were gone, the other hormones in your body has to work overtime to keep you regulated. Sometimes they like to puter out on ya ! IF you know someone who has a goiter in their neck, that produces hormones too! You have heard of people who had to have their goiter removed and then they have to take medication for the rest of their life. They do that becuase that goiter when it is removed also removes your thyroid. Your Thyroid regulates you bodies ability to keep you from becoming fat or too thin.Some people who have a goiter are on medication to keep it in control ! Well I have a goiter and have had it since I was in my early teens. I never thought anything about it, just thought I took after my mom and her mom. I looked at it as having a fat neck. You know like having that wobbly under the chin fat that can move back ad forth on ya!

In my late 30’s my primary care doctor I was seeing she was an Endocrinologist in her home county of origin.When she came to the United States she had to re-take the training here and do the primary care aspect until she was able to obtain her licence here in the United States by our regulations. Which in all reality is somewhat idiotic as many Countries have much better Universities then we do. Anyway, she noticed right off I had a fat thyroid with a goiter and it just so happen to be swollen that day. So She set me up for a needle biopsy for the next day there in the office. Now laying there with your head on a towel rolled up under the back of your neck and her sticking a needle in your neck is pretty uncomfortable especially when you are scared out of your wits.

I was fortunate my husband took a vacay day and was there so when I squeezed his hand he could take the pain I was feeling and talk to me to keep me calm.She told me it would take longer to numb the area the it would for the biopsy, so I said okay. Now I can deal with a certain amount of pain, but this one was a hand squeezer ! And yes my husband did feel it, but he has strong hands.

Getting back to hormones, You have many areas in your body that releases hormones. Yep, if you did not know that you need to look them all up. Depending upon what your body is going through certain hormones will be released. Have you heard of Cortisol? That gets release a great deal when you are in any form of pain. So if your body is going through pain for a short or long period of time, you are constantly releasing Cortisol.This can be good for you and it can also affect other aspects like your brain ! Yep the brain sensors your have can really misunderstand what these hormones are doing for you and then your brain signals other things to react.This is where you may feel as if you are going nuts ! You have the hormones in your pancreas to regulate your blood sugar, you have others that keeps your liver from building up anything toxic like alcohol, bad drugs, good drugs. Many people will take activated charcoal to keep their liver clean of the toxins. People who over dose on drugs use to have to drink 16 ounces of charcoal mixed with water.How do I know that, I been there and done that. IT was not pretty taking a hand full of valium and drinking Vodka. But that was due to depression way back in my early twenties. And back then was the early 1980’s and they send you for counseling, but at that time they did not put people on something to help them out.

Well I think I have written enough for tonight it is now about 2: 20 am tuesday morning nd this ole gal really needs to get relaxed to go to bed. Can’t do an all nighter again to make it 3 days in a row.

Remember live life to the fullest as if it were the last day of your life !

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