Tribulations on Writing

As the title states, I am have tribulations on what next to post about my large lineage. I want to make my writings here to sound just like me. A simple person, with simple sounding language as a Kentuckian sounds like. With having a natural comprehension problem in some areas of understanding written directions on developing my site to look like those who I follow. They themselves have wonderful looking sites with categories, drop down menu’s. At present tonight I have spent 1 and a half hours going back over all the settings, seeing where I did not add certain things and making a few changes. I am not by any means unintelligent, I am like many people who has to be shown how to do certain things. I have been writing for well over 15 years on my own on my computer prior to me seeking counseling for memories that unlocked their selves from the locked doors in my brain in 2006.

I had a 500 page book on my old Windows 98 computer and lost all of it except 100 pages. Yes, it was traumatic to me, so I hurriedly printed off what was left and it still lays there in a small box with a plastic cover to this date until I can re-type all of it again then get it published.

With starting this blog about my ever so large family tree, while still researching them plus checking Ancestry DNA and Gedmatch and even the Genetic aspect of my own DNA, well let’s just say I have my fingertips in many bowls so to speak.

Many of you know me via Facebook and previously on MYSPACE and earlier then that from the Ancestry message boards. Yes, we go back many years and you each know who you are ! If it were not for you then I would not had learned who all my father’s Taylor lines had married into or with.

Just thinking about the woman in the 1800’s having possibly 13 children, then each of those children having the same or close to the same number, in this day and age is mind-boggling.

Having to raise all those children on what little means they had or in some cases didn’t have, tells me that our Ancestors, the women had very strong backbones to say the least. And no, I will not leave out the men they themselves had the ethics, responsibilities and yes back bone to make sure their families were taken care of.

I myself can not imagine myself in their era and to tell you the truth I would not want too either. Reading was not a passion of mine until I began to find out about the olden days, and researching is something I always did when I worked, no matter what sort of job I held in Finance.

I suppose I am blessed to have the imagination and the automatic aspect of doing research in order to keep up my thirst when it comes to our Ancestors…. Till the next post……

Published by Peggy Sue Druck

I am of rsearcher of my family lineage and all of the branches that tie in to my main lines. I am also self taught when it comes to DNA and broader into Genetics of my personal DNA. I love to write stories, poetry and do various DYI projects. I am the daughter of a master carpenter (my dad) and my mother worked at Brown and Williamson for 27 years when they closed the doors in Louisville Ky. I am on Ancestry dot com a member of Facebook and I am in many groups. I am an advide reader of history due to genealogy, I also am a reader of that applies to Politics, Religion, Economy and Climate Change. I worked in the filed of various forms of Finance my entire adult life until I became 100 percent disable in 2006 in my 48th year due to depression and anxiety along with spinal problems.My site is named AllMYTAYLORSMONTGOMEIES AND ALL THE BRANCHES.I am on Gedmatch kit # A737146. Hope you enjoy my writings!

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