My Daddy Cecil “Shorty” Dalton

My dad who I always called Daddy up to the day he died on July 16, 2021 was a wonderful man, a fabulous father and a hardworking husband. He did have his downside, he liked to drink beer and whiskey. Sometimes together. This aspect of him was not something I wanted to grow up with, but we as children can not pick our parents. Don’t get me wrong, I do not have a problem with drinking, but drinking to excess is not a good thing to do.

As with many who grew up in the South Eastern part of Kentucky as my daddy did, were not all well off people. My father was raised by his grandparents “Pappie” Thomas Taylor and his “Mamie” Martha Jane Vaughn Taylor. They were already in their 60’s when my daddy wanted to live with them at the early childhod age.His mother Elsie Carie Taylor had my daddy out of wedlock. His biological father went by the shortened version of his middle name Frank. Frank was born in 1907 to David Marion “Mack” Dalton and spouse Minnie Saunders Dalton. They had a vast family and Frank was amongst one of the mid to later children per the records I have been able to obtain and verify. As with many family in the later 1800’s Franks siblings were all born through 1907 as Frank was born. There may have been some children that died and no record has been found as of today’s writings. This is still a work in progress. Elsie Carie Taylor was born in 1898. So there was a difference in age as you can see.

As I said in the beginning of my WordPress page my getting into Genealogy was to find my daddy’s biological father. When I first started researching on Ancestry back before 2000 I would stay up day and night using Ancestry’s 14 day free trial periods. During this time I printed off all Frank Dalton information I could find online. Now mind you, when Ancestry first began, the records were no where near the quantity they have now. So locating records, playing with the spelling of not just his primary name but also using the variations for Dalton was what I was focused on way back in the day. Needless to say my printer I used at that time worked it’sself to death literally. When I would run out of your stand copier paper I turned to card stock 20 lb weight. Card stock in all sorts of colors as I had purchased it all on sale. **yes I am a bulk buyer and a budget type of person** !

So working for 13 and a half days almost straight through to locate and print off anything and everything as a “just incase” thing I had stacks and boxes, notebooks of records, Census records, Military records. I also included in my search my momma’s family the Montgomery’s. Yes, Montgomery’s are a plenty to say the least. Taylors and Montgomery’s are the main names I have on my Ancesry tree name as well as this sites name. And the Montgomery name is just like Smith, way too many and many re-using the same name in each family and with every child.

By the time I went through my first 14 day trial I had not just notebooks, but printed off material that filled up 2 boxes-file boxes–like the ones you use in offices when packing away files. My poor Cannon printer back then worked it’s self almost to destruction and ink, heavns I went through many ink cartridges. I shutter to think how much money I spent on printer ink back then. Many of the cartridges I purchased locally so they ran for each inividual cartridge when not on sale roughly 20.00 each and I had 4 colors in all !

Getting back to my daddy. He was a master carpenter and a self taught welder. The vast majority of buildings and bridges from back in the 50’s here in Louisville up to Florence Ky, my father was on the crew which built them. In Florence Ky he built the bridge up there that connected Ky to the far Indiana area/Ohio regions. I remember going up there with momma driving to pick him up and wathcing him stand on the ball of a crane and ridding it over and it touching down in front of the car and there was my daddy standing on the ball. As a child this was every little girls dream seeing her daddy do something that was dangerous. Back then my daddy did not consider it to be dangerous as many of them men would ride the wrecking ball aroud the job site.

I was blessed to receive my momma’s picture box in 2019. All four of us girls looked through it and picked out what we wanted and then Momma gave me the rest in the box as I became the “Picture Keeper” in our family. This was primarily due to my research. I have a multitude of pictures to scan onto my computer and place on my family tree and also onto facebook for my sister’s, neices and nephews and even the greats neices and nephews to print off or save a copy for theirselves. This is one of the things I will share as part of my Legacy to my family. My research on Ancestry will continue untill I can no longer sit at a desktop computer or if my hands can no longer type due to myself having all forms of Arthritis except for Rhumetoriod so far.

Well this is enough for today my fingers are getting tired and I still have other computer things to do !

Remember to live each day to the fullest as if it was the last day of your life !

Cecil “Shorty” Dalton about 1947 Florida

Published by Peggy Sue Druck

I am of rsearcher of my family lineage and all of the branches that tie in to my main lines. I am also self taught when it comes to DNA and broader into Genetics of my personal DNA. I love to write stories, poetry and do various DYI projects. I am the daughter of a master carpenter (my dad) and my mother worked at Brown and Williamson for 27 years when they closed the doors in Louisville Ky. I am on Ancestry dot com a member of Facebook and I am in many groups. I am an advide reader of history due to genealogy, I also am a reader of that applies to Politics, Religion, Economy and Climate Change. I worked in the filed of various forms of Finance my entire adult life until I became 100 percent disable in 2006 in my 48th year due to depression and anxiety along with spinal problems.My site is named AllMYTAYLORSMONTGOMEIES AND ALL THE BRANCHES.I am on Gedmatch kit # A737146. Hope you enjoy my writings!

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