Doctors, Hospital and Emerceny Room Oh MY !

Just as the title says, this has been my week so far since Saturday a week ago. Today is 22 of June 2021, so it has now been over a week. My dear husband Tim, came home from work on Friday looking like a drained old man that looked as if he had aged 17 years in just one week. My husband Tim worked for an accumalted time of 18 years at Jeff Boat in Jeffersonville Indiana up until they closed in 2018-2019. They closed their doors after being in business for over 100 years. This compnay was once called Howard Steam, then as time progressed and the Ohio RIver opened up more, it became Jeff Boat Barge Buidlders who were owned my Commercial Barge lines who’s Home office is now in the lower 48. Since the original business was named after a Howard, I delved into his history to learned he was not of the Howards from the South Eastern Ky, Howard’s. This sparticular Howard came over from England and began his Steam boat company and maintained it for many years. The only thing left to remind anyone of the wonderful begginnings is the Steam Boat musesum located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Well since my husband was a steel fitter or the correct term a Ship Builder/fitter he worked year round in the elements. Rain, cold weater, and yes the heat and humidity that all came with the job. Being a hot natured man, he would constantly sweet from the top of his head down to his socks which were covered by steel toed boots that came mid way up the calf. Wearing heavy blue jeans, tee shirts and an over shirt that was cotton, he would begin the winter time wearing a tee shirt with a buttoned down long sleeve shirt and either a leather jacket or a thick flease hoodie jacket. Before he would be at work in 20 or 30 degree weather, he would already have icecycles on his beard and mustach. He would grow his hair long to keep his neck warm and grow his beard out to keep his face warm. Many times he looked like a man who lived up in the hills ! He loved being a hard labor worker, beating on steel to make it fit into place as many of the blueprints were not on spec. He did take college classes at Ivy Tech for Hydrolics and aced his tests etc. For him it was a no brainer.This did not actually pertain to his job, but did make it possible for him to work on things comcerning hydrolics at Jeff Boat. He 1st left Jeff Boat back in the 1970’s when they had their largest strike and layed off a multitude of people, he fell in that line. This did not disway him as he hussled and found work at Firestone changing tires, working on small things on cars. Then he world at one of the Rubber plants here in Louisville, Ky. After that he was able to go back to Jeff Boat and regain his old time card number and also work back on line one that he has originilly worked on. They went thru another layoff in about the mid 1980’s and he had a new wife and a baby daughter, so he went back out and began to hustle at anyjob he could find. His wife at that time had been attending college for Radiology, but this was.t to close to Louisville so she had to travel back and forth everyday for school and also for working in the field while learning. Finally, their marrige fell apart and Tim decided at age 28 to join the United States Navy. Yes that is old by their standards to join, but by his determination he went thru all the physicals, training, swimmng that is involved with being in the Navy. He has many Comendations for his work while he learned in the Military. He ended up as a Machinist Mate 3r Class working onboard a ship in with the boiler units and ariconditioning units among other things that the Navy personal had to do, stand watch after an already long day of 8-12 hours and then stand an 8 hours shift. Yes, I too think it is ridiculous , but it is the Navy or Military way to learn self discipline and self esteem.

Tim, served 4 years active duty and had a 30 day chain that started in August 1990 and his offical outdate was September 1990. During this Time “Desert Sheild” had began and since he had 30 days then they sent him home so not to have to fly him from the Meditterain back to the States side of Norfolk Virginia his home port. This was a great time for those of us who had not seen an actual war taking place so it was all over the television and was so very interesting and sad at the same time. To see the bombardment of the countries from the ship that was out about 2 miles in the ocean. Tomahawk Missiles, Surface to air Missles, 10 inch guns aboard the ship he ws attached to. The Ships name was the USS VIRGINIA CGN38. For those of you who do not know how to decode this, CGN stands for a Nuclear Guided Cruiser and the 38 was the class of it. He has a total of 2 Meditterainian Cruises that last 6 months each. He obtain his badges/metals for each and he also studied for was is called ESWAS. This stands for Enlisted Seface Warfare Specialist. To many, this is not a big thing, but for him it meant he could wear a Special sweater that many Officers couldn’t as they were not qualified. I am very proud of him when I looked over his entire military file before he took it to the Reserves that was on SouthSide Drive just down from from Holy Rosary Acedemy, my Alma Mater a year later to do 3 years of reserves, 1 week a month and 2 weeks a year.

If I had known I was going to get heavy into genealogy I would have copied his entire file even the records of the Radiation level tags he had to wear. I say this as his migraines he suffers from intensified while in the Navy even though his mother, older sister and brother have all suffered from them. When it comes to migraines their are 3 type, Neurological, Muscular and Vascular. These are very devastating headaches and I watched him as the years went by they became even more intensified. But since this is a Inherited trait and they really did not and still do not know what causes them even today 22 of June 2021, he was placed on everything out there. He even had Botox injections before insurance companies would approve of them. He has also had several types of injections which did not work but for a week. He has gone as far as having acupunture that last all of a week and that was back when it ran 60.00 per visit.

Getting back to this week. Tim went to his standard pain management doctor after being sick on Saturday and Sunday and Monday and then on Wednesday he went to Walgreens Clinic who did the Covid test and the Sars 2 test to rule out the flu. All his symptoms would lead you to believe he had a very bad flu as he said Saturday morning that he felt like a Mack truck had hit him and rolled over him to no end. His eyes looked sunken in, his shoulders were all droopy, his entire body ached so bad that he said even his hair hurt. Needless to say when I looked at his tongue it was all white coated. So I know from that he had thrush.When I took him to the Emergency room, I primarily did all of the taking as he was so week and run down he could’nt keep his days straight.Walgreen’s did not give him any Antibiotics, his own doctors office did not give him any antibiotics since they wanted to see what the blood work would show up. And they would not get his test results until this coming Wednesday which as of today’s writings is Tomorrow. The Emergency did do different testing on him and I looked at them today. His white blood cells were off the charts, red blood cell extremely low as well as all the other items fell into the lower or down so far they did not even hit their stand scale. So they were suppose to give him a pill and then send him home after the bag of sodium chloride was fastly sucked up in his system. We were at the hospital from entering and signing in to being relesed 6 hours. Now mind you this was 6:45 pm till 1 am Sunday morning by then.

I myself had not started driving yet, let alone driving at night. Since I had the Cateracs removed in October 2020, I had only done some day time driving and then after the hip replacement on March 31 2021, I had not drove at all due to all the problems I had had with my hip. I had just been released from therapy that thurday before he became sick. So me drivng him to the hospital I thought would terify him to death, but in all honesty it went rather smoothy and the drive home in the dark was actaully surprising for us both.I have had night blindness for 20 years so I rarely drove unless it was on raods that I knew everything about !

Today I was able to look on his Mychart with Notron healtchcare and seen all his lab work that was ordered. Everything was in the lower realms by the standards they show and he was very high on one of the things. Mind you he has since the previous Saturdy he woke up with a 103 fever, bouncing back and forth from 98 to 101, 102 or 103. Taking 2 tylenol and check temp after 2 hours it was back down to 98. Then next thing you know in 20 minutes it went straight back up to the top 103.He did hit 104 about 3 times and that for me was a very dangerous area to be hitting.I began pumping him full of everything. I even pulled out my Claritomycin=Biaxin, which are 500 miligrams each pill. The Doctor at the hospital looked at me if I were crazy for ging them to him as she stated they are not for Viral Infection, so I let her know that they are as I take them for Viral infections.

Yes, by all means laugh ! She order several shots to be put in his veins and while she was ordering them I asked her the name and told her 2 of them were not warrented until she received his blood work back as he is still considered a heart patient and those meds are NOT conducive with heart patients and she was not going to give him something that he would then suffer from side effects thus taking more medications on top of that and they all lead to very bad constipation or in some cases a stroke. So she canceled those orders. I told her to start pumping him along with the Sodium Chloride a strong antibiotic to begin makeing him feel better via the bag of water or one of the things in is harm. Talk about a hateful look from a Doctor ! I did not care, hell I know way to much about all medications and the side effects of all of them. They gave him Zofran for nausea when he wasn’t even naucious. I left that one go because he may become nauseas. But those shots she ordered were NOT given to him, as I told her if she gave them to him and he had any sort of reaction to them, then she would loose her license to procatice as I would sue her and the Hospital both.They were suppose to give him some kind of pill and never did, but on his my chart it shows it was given to him. So come later today depending up what time I get up from being awake all night again,their billing department will be told to stop the billing process and send it to the nurses to look at and re-investigate as they never scanned his bracelet for it. So, if was given it wasn’t given to him. I know how those things work too as I did that sort of work for 2 years via a temp service for Jewish hospital when they were downtown on 4th street in a certain office for those types of things. I have learned from the past 50 years from age 12 what meds are, how they are dispensed, how the previous known CRS does and now how the newer way they do it. I know billing, insurance filing, icd9 codes to get things filed correctly all before I went into FInance with Banks, Mortgae Servicers, Mortgage Brokers in Kentucky and Indiana, Veteran Loans for property and Reality-based things. If I wanted to buy property and build a house I know all of that plus how to do it as well as all the permits etc. I do not like elctrical work, but if need be I can do it ! Plumbing is a no brainer for me, I’m just not good with welding of any kind. Tim has taught me all the ins and outs of working on cars, breaking down and putting back engines, pulling transmissions and working on them and reinstalling them.He taught me how to all the maintenace on vehicles when it comes to tune ups, setting pionts and belts with the light scanner.Just seen on the morning news that Wing Top has run out of wings and are now selling thighs in it’s place. And a new coffee report, coffee is better for type 2 diabetics all except for instant coffee ! Guess I will get my 14 ounce cups out ! Well it is now 9;48 am Tuesday morning so I am going to drink a cup of coffee and drop on the water bed and get about 4-5 hours sleep. Catch all you good poeple on the flip flop ! HAHA and many lololol !

Published by Peggy Sue Druck

I am of rsearcher of my family lineage and all of the branches that tie in to my main lines. I am also self taught when it comes to DNA and broader into Genetics of my personal DNA. I love to write stories, poetry and do various DYI projects. I am the daughter of a master carpenter (my dad) and my mother worked at Brown and Williamson for 27 years when they closed the doors in Louisville Ky. I am on Ancestry dot com a member of Facebook and I am in many groups. I am an advide reader of history due to genealogy, I also am a reader of that applies to Politics, Religion, Economy and Climate Change. I worked in the filed of various forms of Finance my entire adult life until I became 100 percent disable in 2006 in my 48th year due to depression and anxiety along with spinal problems.My site is named AllMYTAYLORSMONTGOMEIES AND ALL THE BRANCHES.I am on Gedmatch kit # A737146. Hope you enjoy my writings!

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