2021 Coming to a Close Finally

Hello to all who still follows me. This year has been a rather herendous one for many of us. Some of us have had untimely deaths, car accidents, sugeries and a multitude of other things that may have been worse or less consequential. No matter what has happened this year thus far we have overcomeContinue reading “2021 Coming to a Close Finally”

Journaling or Diary ? That is the Question..

Hello to all who comes across this and likes to have a good laugh or maybe even find something of interest to sit back and ponder upon. While my initial intentions of becoming a “blogger” on WordPress was for genealogical aspects and releasing or sharing what all I have discovered, it hasn’t really happened yetContinue reading “Journaling or Diary ? That is the Question..”

Doctors, Hospital and Emerceny Room Oh MY !

Just as the title says, this has been my week so far since Saturday a week ago. Today is 22 of June 2021, so it has now been over a week. My dear husband Tim, came home from work on Friday looking like a drained old man that looked as if he had aged 17Continue reading “Doctors, Hospital and Emerceny Room Oh MY !”

Miltary times of my Dad WW2 South Pacific

After much research and waiting and waiting for months for records to be pulled from St. Louis Archives I received a multitude of my dad’s military records. Many of these records had burn marks, portions were also gone due to the fire that took place back in the day, but all in all I wasContinue reading “Miltary times of my Dad WW2 South Pacific”

My Daddy Cecil “Shorty” Dalton

My dad who I always called Daddy up to the day he died on July 16, 2021 was a wonderful man, a fabulous father and a hardworking husband. He did have his downside, he liked to drink beer and whiskey. Sometimes together. This aspect of him was not something I wanted to grow up with,Continue reading “My Daddy Cecil “Shorty” Dalton”

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